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For Beautycon NYC and LA 2019, we created a Target Beauty Zodiac Bar experience for guests to connect with their own zodiac sign while discovering must have Target Beauty products. Each of the signs were featured in the space with a diverse mix of Target Beauty products that line up with their characteristics.

I designed a full set of custom icons for Target that was applied onto structural builds, stickers, incorporated onto the Targetfinds website, and used for social sharing.  

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Client: Target
Agency: MKG
Creative Strategy: Lydia Berg-Hammond
3D Design: Alex Mutch, Celine Moumne
Graphic Design: Gale Tan



In a year where the world shrank to the size of our homes, we worked with Delta and Coca-Cola to help people connect again. We encouraged people to broaden their horizons and let in holiday traditions from all around the world. We featured 9 different holiday traditions representing the 9 months of lockdown in 2020. Everyone who joined in to celebrate was given a chance to reconnect with someone they care about by winning tickets to travel with them to 1 of those 9 destinations, for when it’s safe to travel again.

This campaign lived primarily on Instagram where we created the instagram account @holidayhorizons that highlighted 9 different traditions with discovery and instructional videos, our favorite submissions, and of course, our winners. I worked on developing the identity framework for the campaign, worked with our partners to implement the look and feel across all touch points, designed animated and static social posts, as well as social ads. 

Client: Delta & Coca-Cola
Agency: MKG
Creative Team: Johan Gerdin, Kat Thek, David Butler,
Mary Anne Broccolo, Alex Mutch, Gale Tan
Discovery Videos: The Youth
Ambassador Videos: Nate De Young



During a year marked by distance, we worked with lululemon to show up for the LGBTQ+ community during Pride, redefining the idea of what it means to be present for one another. This year's campaign lived largely online, utilizing lululemon's IGTV to feature stories of lululemon's employees. To support those stories, we created a brand identity for the campaign that was utlized across various lululemon IG accounts across the world, as well as visual drivers for various social platforms to drive traffic to lululemon’s IGTV.

The visual language embraces reality and imperfection by using organic brushstrokes that tie each piece together, speaking to the realities of what the year it has been. Going beyond just recognizing the colors of the flag, the gradients of color hope to represent all, being proud and present for one another. 

Client: Lululemon
Agency: MKG
Creative Direction: Johan Gerdin
Copywriting: Kat Thek
Graphic Design: Katherine Sison & Gale Tan



Google celebrated Safer Internet Day by opening up its doors and hosting online safety workshops for families at the Grow with Google NYC Learning Center. These workshops aim to teach families all about the fundamentals of digital safety and citizenship through Google’s Kids & Families products. We created a magical hands on experience at the GwG Learning Center outside of the classrooms so families can learn about online safety while waiting for their workshop to begin or after they’ve attended.

Client: Google
Agency: MKG
Creative: Tricia Desjardins
3D Design: Nadia Tai
Graphic Design: Sean Cowie and Gale Tan



Being Brave is Not for Everyone began as a mere conversation between a friend and I about similar frustrations we face in our day to day from cultural and societal pressure. These are topics and emotions often not talked about, or easy to talk about. It left us feeling heartened that we were able to speak to one another about it in a safe space.

Being Brave is Not for Everyone aims to recreate this kind of conversations amongst more people, to acknowledge and feel comfortable speaking about the internal fears they inhibit, in the hope of creating a more inclusive and empowering community, one conversation at a time.

Personal Project
Collaboration with Amanda Tho Pham